Connect Health & Wealth with an Integrated 401(k)

from HealthEquity Retirement Services

Building health and wealth security

HealthEquity Retirement Services now has a 401(k) offering that seamlessly integrates with your employee’s HealthEquity health savings account (HSA) to help them build their health & wealth security together

Benefits for employers

An integrated 401(k) is an innovative product for you to offer your employees. By providing this service, you can benefit from:

Reduced cost. We will coordinate with an investment manager that provides a selection of low-cost funds from Vanguard® and purchase them in bulk on behalf of our clients, which allows HealthEquity Retirement Services to reduce costs. As part of the proposal process, we will provide a no-obligation cost analysis for you showing your potential savings.

Less work and lower risk. HealthEquity Retirement Services signs and acts in fiduciary roles for you including the role of plan administrator. This significantly reduces your risk and saves your team from hours of work. We approve loans, track eligibility, manage your audits and force-outs, as well as review, sign, and file your Form 5500.

Engaging employee experience. The HealthEquity member portal allows users to access their HSA and 401(k) from a single convenient dashboard, seeking to leverage a common set of investment options to enhance financial literacy and help optimize health and wealth savings.

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